‘Radio Tuk-Tuk’ And ‘AutoCall’ Autos Transform Gurgaon’s Public Transport Options

For a city whose administration prides in calling itself the Millennium City, Gurgaon’s public transport system is abysmal. It’d be easier to imagine the existence of Santa Claus than to imagine traveling in the city without some sort of personal transport. This notion underwent a quite transformation when a few months ago conspicuously red colored autos started traversing Gurgaon. Now, with the addition of yet another colored fleet of autos public transport finally seems to be coming of age in Gurgaon.GPS fitted Autos that respond to a phone call, don’t haggle on the fare and mostly importantly know the ins and outs of Gurgaon, Radio Tuk-Tuk and AutoCall have transformed Gurgaon’s public transport options. Once upon a time there were only share-autos that packed you in like sardines or buses that you’d rather avoid but now with tamper-proof meters and panic button for commuters, these radio autos are nothing short of a boon.Started in the last week of November 2010, Radio Tuk-Tuk was the first of kinds in NCR and responds to over 600 calls everyday. While there are only 50 autos in their fleet, Radio Tuk-Tuk usually responds within 45 minutes of booking. AutoCall has a fleet of 30 such autos and this writer found them to be better. Radio Tuk-Tuk starts every journey with a meter-down charge of Rs. 50, which includes the first three kilometers as well and thereafter is Rs. 8 for every kilometer while AutoCall charges Rs. 10 per kilometer and has no meter-down charge.As AutoCall started in the first week of March 2011 the chances of getting an auto faster are higher with them keeping Radio Tuk-Tuk’s popularity in mind. Also if you want to travel for shorter distances then AutoCall’s Rs. 10/km is a better option but if you want to go over 13-15 kilometers then Radio Tuk-Tuk should be the preferred choice. In any case it’s best to book the autos in advance for these services are becoming hotter with each passing day.Traveling in these modern autos is very different from the image the mind conjures up whenever the word ‘autos’ is mentioned. Specially made by TVS, these CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fitted TVS autos are sturdier than the quintessential Bajaj Autos. TVS autos are rock solid to say the least and you don’t feel a thing even at speeds over 60 km/h, something that’s hard to picture in a rickety traditional auto! TVS autos have a safety-kit, a fire extinguisher, mobile chargers and their tamperproof meters are well, really tamperproof.Both Radio Tuk-Tuk and AutoCall have ensured that their drivers are competent and mild mannered which makes these services a great hit with women commuters. What sets these two apart from regular autos is that there’s no time wasted in fixing the fare…sometimes you sit in the auto and announce your destination- that’s all the communication with the driver!